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2015-05-27 15:00:00 ICCC Plenary Session - Conference opening in Plenary
2015-05-27 17:00:00 Engineering application of informatics I. in A
2015-05-27 17:00:00 Identification, modelling and simulation of processes and systems I. in B
2015-05-27 17:00:00 Embedded Systems and IoT Technology I. in C
2015-05-27 17:00:00 Measurement, sensors, monitoring and diagnostic systems I.. in Small
2015-05-28 09:00:00 Engineering application of informatics II. in A
2015-05-28 09:00:00 Theory and application of control systems I. in B
2015-05-28 09:00:00 Identification, modelling and simulation of processes and systems II. in C
2015-05-28 11:30:00 ICCC Plenary Session II. in D(A+B)
2015-05-28 14:00:00 Theory and application of control systems II. in A
2015-05-28 14:00:00 Poster Session I. in B
2015-05-28 14:00:00 Embedded Systems and IoT Technology II. in C
2015-05-28 14:30:00 Steering Commitee Meeting in Small
2015-05-28 16:00:00 Automation, mechatronics, robotics. I. in A
2015-05-28 16:00:00 Education-Production and Fractional Calculus in B
2015-05-28 16:00:00 Identification, modelling and simulation of processes and systems III. in C
2015-05-28 16:00:00 Measurement, sensors, monitoring and diagnostic systems II. in Small
2015-05-29 09:00:00 Automation, mechatronics, robotics. II. in A
2015-05-29 09:00:00 Poster Session II. in B
2015-05-29 09:00:00 Theory and application of control systems III. in C
2015-05-29 11:30:00 ICCC Plenary Session III. in D(A+B)
2015-05-29 14:00:00 Automation, mechatronics, robotics. III. in A
2015-05-29 14:00:00 Automation, Identification, modelling and simulation in B
2015-05-29 14:00:00 Identification, modelling and simulation of processes and systems IV. in C
2015-05-29 15:15:00 ICCC Plenary Session - Conference Closing Ceremony in Plenary
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Date/start: 2015-05-29 09:00:00 Poster Session II. (in B )
Section(s): Measurement, Modelling, Control Systems, Automation, Embedded Systems, Information Systems, Engineering, Production, Education, Fractional Calculus
Chairman: Landryova, Lenka, Co-chairman: Stehlíková, Beáta

09:00 (5 min.)
Poster: Pavel Šuránek, Miroslav Mahdal and Jiří Tůma:
Laboratory model for active vibration control
Presenter(s): Tůma, Jiří
09:05 (5 min.)
Poster: Martin Štěpán, Jiří Kulhánek and Renata Wagnerova:
Implementation of ESP Algorithm in LabVIEW cRIO
Presenter(s): Wagnerová, Renata
09:10 (5 min.)
Poster: Wiktor Hudy, Jaracz Kazimierz and Pytel Krzysztof:
An influence of selected anthropogenic and climatic conditions on the production of energy in photovoltaic panels
Presenter(s): Pytel, Krzysztof
09:15 (5 min.)
Poster: Josef Cernohorsky and Aleš Richter:
Technical diagnostics of tram undercarriages - design, development and control
Presenter(s): Cernohorsky, Josef
09:20 (5 min.)
Poster: István Ferenczi and József Vásárhelyi:
Non-synchronized Industrial Ethernet IO Device Reaction Time Measuring
Presenter(s): -
09:25 (5 min.)
Poster: Patrik Urban and Lenka Landryová:
Alarm processing analyses using SPC tools based on real-time data acquired from a control system
Presenter(s): Landryova, Lenka
09:30 (5 min.)
Poster: Andrzej Urbaniak and Alicja BaŁut:
Presenter(s): -
09:35 (5 min.)
Poster: Igor Leššo, Pavel Horovčák and Zuzana Sabová:
Contribution to the problem of procedural nature knowledge discovery in databases
Presenter(s): Gašpárová, Zuzana
09:40 (5 min.)
Poster: Lukáš Otte, Roman Danel and David Johanides:
Comparison of Database Mirrors Technologies for Use in Fault-tolerant Information Systems Solutions
Presenter(s): Danel, Roman
09:45 (5 min.)
Poster: Zdeněk Neustupa, Roman Danel, Pavel Staša, Jiří Švub and Filip Beneš:
Ensuring the security of warehouse using automatic identification by RFID
Presenter(s): Danel, Roman
09:50 (5 min.)
Poster: Marcela Pavlickova:
Evaluation of customer satisfaction using the Quality Function Deployment
Presenter(s): Pavlickova, Marcela
09:55 (5 min.)
Poster: Jiří Kulhánek and Jaromír Škuta:
Design of education model with NI LabView
Presenter(s): Kulhánek, Jiří
10:00 (5 min.)
Poster: Pavel Horovčák, Igor Leššo and Zuzana Sabová:
Design and implementation of web service for mutual comparison of the set of algebraic vectors
Presenter(s): Gašpárová, Zuzana
10:05 (5 min.)
Poster: Dušan Teichmann and Michal Dorda:
Using mathematical programming for signal plan design – some practical examples
Presenter(s): Teichmann, Dušan
10:10 (5 min.)
Poster: Igor Leššo, Zuzana Gašparová, Pavel Horovčák and Patrik Flegner:
The multidimensional Shewhart control chart for multicriteria quality management
Presenter(s): Gašpárová, Zuzana
10:15 (5 min.)
Poster: Dragana Glušac, Dijana Karuović and Dušanka Milanov:
Massive open online courses - pedagogical overview
Presenter(s): Vásárhelyi, József
10:20 (5 min.)
Poster: Matúš Tatarko, Ľuboš Ovseník and Ján Turán:
Management of Switching in Hybrid FSO/RF Link
Presenter(s): -
10:25 (5 min.)
Poster: Attila Trohák, János Végh, Zsófia Forgács and Gergely Kovács:
Implementation of driving assistance systems using LabVIEW-based platform
Presenter(s): -