Conference Program

Program of section Engineering



Pavel Horovcak, Jan Terpak and Matej Lukac:
Draft for extension and amendment ThermoChemDC web service
Presenter(s): Terpak, Jan
Patrik Urban and Lenka Landryová:
Process knowledge building an optimized alarm system
Presenter(s): Landryova, Lenka
Gábor Wacha and Béla Fehér:
Program slicing based on runtime dataflow measurements
Presenter(s): Wacha, Gábor
Laszlo Czap and Judit Maria Pinter:
Intensity Feature for Speech Stress Detection
Presenter(s): Pinter, Judit Maria
István Kiss, Bela Genge and Piroska Haller:
Behavior-based Critical Cyber Asset Identification in Process Control Systems Under Cyber Attacks
Presenter(s): Genge, Bela
Bogdan Popa:
Dijkstra algorithm in parallel. Case study.
Presenter(s): Popa, Bogdan
David Fojtik, Petr Podesva and Jan Gebauer:
Storing High Volumes of Data in MS SQL Server Express
Presenter(s): Podešva, Petr
Gábor Szabó and László Kovács:
Efficiency Analysis of Inflection Rule Induction
Presenter(s): Not defined.


Igor Leššo, Pavel Horovčák and Zuzana Sabová:
Contribution to the problem of procedural nature knowledge discovery in databases
Pavel Horovčák, Igor Leššo and Zuzana Sabová:
Design and implementation of web service for mutual comparison of the set of algebraic vectors
Petr Noskievic and Martin Březina:
Simulation and Experimental Testing of Power Assisted Steering
Jiří Kulhánek and Jaromír Škuta:
Design of education model with NI LabView
Dušan Teichmann and Michal Dorda:
Using mathematical programming for signal plan design – some practical examples
Attila Trohák, János Végh, Zsófia Forgács and Gergely Kovács:
Implementation of driving assistance systems using LabVIEW-based platform