Conference Program

Program of section Modelling



Oto Haffner and Zdenka Králová:
Simulation analysis of a real small production process
Presenter(s): Haffner, Oto
Hubert Wiśniewski and Leszek Płonecki:
The dynamic proprties of the IPMC polymer.
Presenter(s): Wisniewski, Hubert
Martin Čala:
The Control System of a Small Electrodynamic Exciter
Presenter(s): Čala, Martin
Filip Lorenz, Radim Farana and Dušan Teichmann:
Network synchronization of periodic multiple source flows
Presenter(s): Farana, Radim
Ales Lebeda:
Application of the particle filters for identification of the non-Gaussian systems
Presenter(s): Lebeda, Ales
Michal Dorda and Peter Márton:
Simulation Approach to Throughput Assessment of Single-Track Tramline
Presenter(s): Dorda, Michal
Marcin Plis and Henryk Rusinowski:
Mathematical modeling of single pressure heat recovery steam generator.
Presenter(s): Plis, Marcin
Miroslav Pawlenka and Jaromír Škuta:
Use of PLC and PIC for Realization of Intelligent Family House
Presenter(s): Pawlenka, Miroslav
Dorin Șendrescu and Dan Selișteanu:
Modelling of Bacterial Growth Bioprocesses based on Heuristic Optimization Techniques
Presenter(s): Sendrescu, Dorin
Marcin Szega and Henryk Rusinowski:
Sensitivity analysis of the specific consumption of chemical energy of fuels for assumed uncertainty of selected measurements in a steam CHP unit
Presenter(s): Szega, Marcin
Jiri Holik, Dusan Teichmann and Lenka Landryova:
Decision Support by Dynamic Simulation Method
Presenter(s): Holík, Jiří
Vladena Baranova, Lenka Landryova and Jozef Futo:
Presenter(s): Landryova, Lenka
Petr Rapant, Jaromír Kolejka, Tomáš Inspektor, Kateřina Batelková, Jana Zapletalová and Karel Kirchner:
Early warning of flash floods based on the weather radar
Presenter(s): Rapant, Petr
Daniela Danciu, Dan Popescu and Eugen Bobasu:
Computational issues based on neural networks for a class of systems of conservation laws
Presenter(s): Danciu, Daniela
Nasar Aldian Shashoa, Ismail Shrena, Omar Abusaeeda, Saed Sasi and Abdurahim Sakeb:
A comparative Analysis of RLS Algorithm And F-RLS Algorithm For Residuals Generation
Presenter(s): Not defined.
Mariusz Nowak and Andrzej Urbaniak:
Application of intelligent control algorithms for thermal comfort and energy saving in the laboratory room
Presenter(s): Not defined.
Naser Babaei and Metin U. Salamci:
Model Reference Adaptive Control for MIMO Nonlinear Systems by using Linear Time Varying Approximation
Presenter(s): KODALAK, FETTAH
Viktor Placek and Bohumil Sulc:
Support of Biomass Boiler Control Design by Modeling
Presenter(s): Placek, Viktor


Pavel Staša, Filip Benes, Jiri Svub, Vladimir Kebo and Jakub Unucka:
Auto-ID for Automotive Industry
Simona Matuskova and Dagmar Letavkova:
Simulation Model for Regional Airport Passenger Throughputs
Andrzej Kot and Agata Nawrocka:
Analysis of inverted pendulums use for human sway modeling
Marek Laciak, Ján Kačur, Milan Durdán and Patrik Flegner:
Henryk Rusinowski and Marcin Plis:
Mathematical modeling of biomass fired fluidized bed boiler.
Imrich Kostial, Ján Spišák and Pavol Palička:
Simulation analysis of flue-dust thermal treatment in microfluid furnace
Ján Spišák, Imrich Kostial and Martin Truchlý:
Influence of diffusive combustion on the rotary furnace performance
Milan Durdán and Beáta Stehlíková:
Modeling of the heating process massive batch
Milan Durdán and Karol Kostúr:
Modelling of heat losses in UCG under laboratory conditions and in situ.